New Features: meeting permissions and assigning tasks to multiple users

In our last post on new Minute features, we mentioned a few upcoming features.

We’ve now rolled out these features, and we’re excited to tell you more about them. Our new features are:

  • Assigning tasks to multiple users
  • Permission options

Assigning tasks to multiple users

This new feature is one of our most requested features. With it, you can assign tasks to more than one task handler.

From now on, you can add a task one time and assign it to as many users as you like, instead of adding the same task multiple times. Subsequently, it’ll both save you a lot of time and make it easier to manage tasks in Minute.


Permissions options

The second new feature is our permission feature, which makes it easier to work together on meeting minutes.

With this feature, meeting organizers can assign different rights to meeting participants (‘can view’ and ‘can edit’).

In this way, you can co-manage meetings with another participant, let everyone co-manage projects, or assign editing rights to one participant, such as the meeting secretary.



What features are we working on?

We’re constantly working on improving Minute based on our user feedback. Right now, we’re working on the following feature:

Annotation feature

We’re close to launching this much-requested feature. When we’ve rolled it out, you’ll be able to make notes in your meeting documents during your meeting.

Annotating PDF

At Minute, we’re working hard on launching these new features. We’ll keep you updated on them, and we hope you enjoy the new features that we’ve already launched.

All our feature updates are based on user feedback – our goal is to help you make your meetings as efficient as possible. That’s why we would love to know:


What new feature would you like us to add to Minute?

Let me know in the comments below or send an email. I read every email that comes my way!

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