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Meeting Jargon That Makes Your Skin Crawl

What’s a must to make every meeting a success? They need to be short, clear, and concise. When walking out of the meeting room, every meeting participant should understand the meeting outcome. Some meeting jargon, like metaphors, is distracting. Because some words are extremely overused, they’ve lost their meaning (and punch). When you use them, [...]

Minute’s New Features: Beta Testing New Design and Features

Do you use our web version? Then, you might already have noticed that you can opt to use a new beta version on your meeting dashboard. With this beta test, we’re implementing several new features. For you IOS users out there, don’t worry – an IOS beta version is coming soon. Below, we explain what [...]

5 Weird Tips for a Great Meeting

There’s no use sugarcoating it: Most meetings are incredibly dull. People detest meetings so much that 47% of meeting participants say meetings are a waste of time. If you’ve ever been distracted during a meeting, you know why. Our attention spans are short and often, meetings aren’t optimized for engagement, learning, or idea-generation. For example, [...]

How to Run a Meeting Like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook

What if your team could use some of the same techniques that companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook use to streamline the way they work? After all, these companies are some of the biggest and most innovative businesses in the world. Want to learn how to do meetings right? There’s no better way to [...]

How to Make Deathly Dull Meetings Fun and Interactive Again

It’s painfully true, isn’t it? Meetings are mind-numbingly dull and boring. Why is that, though? There’s no reason why meetings shouldn’t be fun and inspiring. After all, holding meetings that employees want to attend could boost things like creativity, innovation, teamwork, engagement, and employee retention. With a few simple tweaks, you could go from unexciting, [...]

The 5 Best Ways to Hack Your Next Weekly Meeting

You want your team meetings to be efficient. Yet, implementing rigorous strategies seems overwhelming. You’d like a ‘quick fix’ (for more advice on strategizing productive meetings, see our tips on how to plan a meeting and how to manage a meeting). What can you do to make your next meeting as productive and useful as [...]