You want to be more productive… But you’re not sure how.

Yes? You’ve come to the right place.

Here below, you learn exactly how to be more productive at work.

Let’s dive right in.


1. Why the Advice “Make Your Bed” is So Genius

What if you could do ONE thing in the morning and that would be enough to keep the rest of your day productive?

Fortunately, that’s true.

That’s what William McRaven, a retired US navy admiral, tells us in his book “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World”.

If you stick to a simple routine every morning, like making your bed, you program yourself to keep productive the rest of the day.


2. Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy

You know how it is… When someone asks you for a favor, it’s hard to say no.

But here’s the thing:

You need to stick to your priorities.

If you have to sacrifice your own priorities and goals for someone else, it’s probably not the right thing to do.

Now, if you’re nervous about upsetting someone by saying no, use this script (and change it to fit your specific situation):

Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, I have a big project coming up that I have to prioritize and so my schedule is full right now.  

I recommend that you check out this article: LINK TO ARTICLE. It offers some very specific advice that will help you get started.

Let me know if I can make any other recommendations. Thanks!


3. Delegate the Right Tasks

be more productive

One of the main reasons you’re not productive?

You try to do it all.


Delegate and outsource your bottlenecks.

That means… Identify the tasks that keep you stuck.

These are usually tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or that don’t give a big return on your time investment.

For example:

Administrative tasks and simple everyday tasks like cleaning and grocery shopping.

And that leads us to the next step:



4. The Secret to Productivity? Ruthless Prioritization

One of the most important productivity secrets?

Ruthless prioritization.


Be very intentional with every task you complete.

Ask yourself:

“Is this a task that will move me closer to my goal? Will it significantly affect the end result?

If the answer is no, cross off the task from your list (or delegate it).

Do this consistently and you’ll be surprised at how much more productive you’ll become in just a few weeks or months.


5. Track Your Time to Figure Out Patterns

Want to be more productive?


You probably have patterns that keep you stuck.

For example, tasks that take up more time than they should. Specific times of the day when your productivity plummets.

Want to break free of those patterns?

Then, track your time to figure out exactly how you use it every day.

Do this for a few weeks.

When you have your data, go through it to see which times of the day are less productive and which tasks take up too much of your time.

Now, wondering which tool to use?

Simple: You can use a time tracking tool like RescueTime.


6. Meditate to Get Clarity


How productive you are doesn’t just come down to the specific tasks you perform.

Nope, you mindset matters, too.

If you feel frazzled, you’ll feel too overwhelmed to perform your tasks in a focused way.

That’s why you need to take that extra space to focus your thoughts.

The best way to do just that?


That’s right. Sit down for even a few moments every day or every other day and focus your thoughts on the present.

A few apps that can help you get started? Check out Headspace and Calm.


7. Schedule Every Task (Yes, Every Task)

Here’s the thing:

If a task doesn’t exist on your schedule, it doesn’t exist.

That means:

Schedule every task.

Yes, every task.

Recurring tasks can be scheduled on an ongoing basis.

The reason you need to schedule your tasks?

Think about it:

If you don’t plan ahead, the risk is that you work on tasks that feel urgent… But at the end of the day, they aren’t that important.

At the same time, if you’ve scheduled your tasks, you work on tasks that truly are a priority.

Makes sense, right?


Tip #8.


8. Want to Work Faster? Time Your Tasks


You’re probably not executing your tasks as effectively as you could.

You see, you COULD get many of your tasks done faster… But you give yourself more time (or an unlimited amount of time) to get those tasks done. The result? Your tasks takes up more time than they need to.

What can you do about this, though?

Simple: Give yourself the minimum time you think you need to get your task done.

This way, you can’t start procrastinating or use more time than you need.

Simple… But effective.


9. Batch Your Tasks to Get Them Done Faster

You know…

Research shows that every time you switch between tasks, it takes 23 minutes to get back on track.

In other words, if you keep switching between tasks, you’ll lose time every time you make that switch.

A better way?

Batch your tasks every day.

For example:

One day you work on more administrative tasks and meetings, the next you do a different type of task, and so forth.

See how this will make your days so much more structured and productive?

Yup. But that’s not all…


10. Why Exercise is SO Important for Your Work Productivity

fun meeting themes

Think the only reason you need to exercise is to keep healthy?

Think again. Exercise keeps your body filled with good stuff like dopamines.

And that way, you keep focused and productive for longer, every day.

Sound good?

Thought so. Now, your exercise routine doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Walk, jog, do yoga… And you’re good to go.


11. Get Rid of Your Perfectionism (Here’s How)

One of the best ways to be more productive?

Get things done, faster.

Because you know it to be true:

Your perfectionism keeps you stuck.

Instead of being happy with your work when it’s good enough, you keep tweaking it indefinitely.

But don’t worry- there’s a solution.

Perfectionism is a fear — a fear that people will judge you for your work.

So the next time you feel like checking your work just a few more times to make sure it’s perfect, send or publish it anyway.

You’ll soon notice that those extra checks are unnecessary.

Your work is good enough.


12. The One Email Management System You Need

Is one of your biggest pain points your exploding inbox?

You’re not alone. Managing emails can be extremely time consuming.

That’s why you need a system in place.

Instead of checking your emails and responding to them throughout the day, do this.

Schedule a set time when you check your emails.

Then, keep yourself accountable to that time.

If you’ve scheduled your email management time as 9AM, 12PM and 2PM, don’t check your emails outside of these times.

Don’t think this would work at your organization?

Ask your boss and co-workers to consider how much time you would save by setting up an email management system.


13. Say “No” to Meetings to Skip Unnecessary Meetings

As a meeting productivity app, we know one thing to be true…

You don’t need all those meetings.

After all, meetings are such a time suck.

The next time someone invites you to a meeting, ask yourself:

“Am I really needed at this meeting? Or am I invited to consume information?”

If you don’t play a significant part at the meeting, ask the invitee why you were invited and excuse yourself if there’s no tangible reason.

Your time is valuable… So use it on the right meetings.

Now, how DO you make your meetings productive?

That’s what we’ll look at in our final tip.


14. Make Your Meetings More Productive

creative meetings


How to make your meetings more productive.

After all, meetings take up a lot of time so you want to make sure that those you attend are productive.

And what’s one of the best ways to keep your meetings productive?


Streamline your meetings.

With an agenda, minutes, and a system to follow up on meeting decisions, you’re good to go.

A good way of keeping it all in one place and quickly communicating with your co-workers?

Our own meeting app, Minute.

It lets you set up meetings fast and share all relevant information in real-time.


How to Be More Productive Now

There you have it.

With these 14 simple and effective tips, you can’t help but become your most productive self.

Just remember…

Becoming productive is not something you do overnight.

Let the process take its time — and in a few short months, you’ll be amazed at how much you get done every day.

Quick question:

Which tip are you going to implement first?

Let us know below.