Here at Minute, we have again updated our meeting app with new features. They are there to make the running of effective meetings even easier than before.

We highly appreciate user feedback. As a result, the features we’ll talk about today are much-requested by our users. These two new features are:

  • Decision overview
  • The ability to handle tasks directly in task overview


Decision overview

You know how easy it is for meeting decisions to get buried.

The problem is that not having a clear understanding of what was decided during a meeting means essentially that meetings are a waste of time.

That’s why we created a feature that allows you to have a clear overview of meeting decisions at meetings that you participate in. You can use the filter and search decisions using meeting or date.

Decision overview

Handle tasks directly in task overview

Before, our task overview showed all the tasks a user created or managed. However, the tasks couldn’t be directly handled in the overview. Instead, users got forwarded to the meeting and had to look up and handle the task there.

With this much-requested improvement, you can now immediately handle tasks in the task overview. This means that you don’t have to search for individual tasks and subsequently, you save a lot of time.



What’s next?

Now in November, we’re launching a few more features that our users have requested:

Permission feature.

As the creator of a meeting, you can determine how other users access the meeting. More specifically, you can choose whether users have access to read or edit the meeting.

Assigning tasks to more than one handler.

Currently, only one person can handle each task. After this feature is rolled out, tasks can be handled by several users.

Linking Minute with Zapier.

As of November, you can link Minute to Zapier and export your Minute tasks to other productivity tools. All to make your life as productive as possible!


You’ll get access to these brand-new features in the near future.

In the meantime, do you want to learn more about what we’ve been up to here at Minute over the past few months?

In that case, check out the features that we rolled out last month!

Before you go, help us improve Minute by letting me know in the comments below or sending an email:

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