What’s the perfect meeting theme for your meeting?

Good question. After all, using meeting themes is the perfect way to create more engaging meetings.

Want to get inspiration for fun meeting themes? Here are our 10 best meeting themes.


What Fun Meeting Themes Can Do for Your Meetings

Before we dive into the meeting themes, let’s look at WHY they are a great way to make your meetings more valuable.

You see, there is a clear need to make meetings more engaging.

What do I mean by that?

Just take a look at these meeting stats

  • 47% see meetings as a time waster.
  • Professionals say they lose 31 hours a month on unproductive meetings.
  • 73% do other work during meetings.

It’s clear that meetings are broken.

And to fix them, you need to do things differently.

That’s where fun meeting themes come in.

Use meeting themes to hold meetings that have a clear purpose, outcome, and topic.

The best meeting themes?

Here’s our list of 10 fun meeting themes you can use today.


How to Find the Perfect Meeting Theme

fun meeting themes

Which theme should you choose?

Think through: What would fit your organization? What would align best with your goals?

You can, of course, work your way through all of these themes.

The idea is to create engaging meetings you and your co-workers enjoy attending.


Meeting Theme #1: Relaxation and Wellness

First up:

Relaxation and wellness.

This meeting theme is all about infusing a bit of balance and health into the workplace. You can go big or just include one or two things that have to do with the theme.

For example: serve healthy snacks, do mindfulness or relaxation exercises, hold fitness sessions, or take the whole team to a spa or wellness center.

Something that’s important to keep in mind if you decide to go for this theme: Not everyone on your team has the same ability to participate in, say, fitness classes. Give people alternatives to these activities.

At the end of the day, you’ve done your job if your co-workers remember the importance of self-care.


Meeting Theme #2: Leadership

The next meeting theme is:


Here, the idea is to help everyone in your team step up in their roles as leaders. Whether that means becoming better managers or just taking ownership of their tasks.

How can you use this theme in your meetings?

Again, you can go all in and organize leadership workshops and talks. Or, you could hold simple exercises or group discussions that are all about training that leadership muscle.

Another idea is to simply let everyone take ownership of parts of the meeting. That way, you make leadership a discussion topic.

If you want to highlight leadership in your organization, go for this meeting theme.


Meeting Theme #3: Teamwork

fun meeting themes

And next up:

Team building theme ideas.

After all, there isn’t much that is more important in a workplace than teamwork.

The purpose of this meeting theme could be to bring your team closer together, encourage teamwork, or practice effective teamwork.

One of the best ways to use this meeting theme? Organize exercises where your team works together.

For example:

  • Brainstorming together.
  • Problem-solving, like discussing a project.
  • Fun activities like escape rooms or cooking together.
  • Learning more about who your team members are in groups and how they can use their strengths. Invite a speaker on personality types or do tests together.

The possibilities are endless here. Anything that will strengthen your team will work!


Meeting Theme #4: A Better Workplace

The next theme is:

A better workplace.

What does this meeting theme include?

Simple: That your organization is committed to creating a great workplace. And that’s where this theme can be a huge help- you could hold discussions about what a good workplace means. Alternatively, you can discuss specifically how meetings fit into that workplace and what your meetings should look like.

Or, you could use this meeting theme to create a better workplace. This goes hand in hand with many of the other themes. For example: Organize fun team activities, a workshop, or hold a meditation session.

Whatever it is, a better workplace is the goal of your meeting.


Meeting Theme #5: Taking Ownership

Looking for motivational meeting themes?

Here you have it:

The next meeting theme about taking ownership.

This is all about self-development and reminding your co-workers of how much they can accomplish.

For example:

You could use this theme regularly in your meetings and ask every team member to take ownership of a meeting (or parts of the agenda).

Next up:

Top performance.


Meeting Theme #6: Top Performance

fun meeting themes

What does it mean to be a top performer?

That’s what this meeting theme is all about.

Of course, top performance is not just about things like employee productivity. This theme includes things like employee well-being, work-life balance… You name it!

So how can you use it in your meetings?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use the Pomodoro technique during your meetings.
  • Hold a goal-setting meeting.
  • Talk about your team’s and team members’ priorities.
  • Set up a meeting productivity system.
  • Hold talks and workshops on things like work motivation and work-life balance.

What other ideas come to mind?

After all, this is a broad theme… So think about what your organization needs.


Meeting Theme #7: Play and Creativity

If there’s one meeting theme that’s fun, it’s this:

Mixing in play and creativity into your meetings.

And you can have a lot of fun with this meeting theme.

The possibilities are endless. For example:

  • Hold a meeting where you play a board game or do fun exercises.
  • Start your meeting with a fun icebreaker.
  • Use gamification in your meetings to make them more engaging.
  • Use videos and images to make your meetings more interactive.
  • Hold workshops, trainings, and talks on creative thinking.
  • Hold creative brainstorming sessions.

Yup, this meeting theme can be used in several different ways.

The thing is:

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box and doing something different. That’s the whole point with this theme!


Meeting Theme #8: Vision

If there’s one thing your organization needs, it’s probably this:

Visionary thinkers.

In other words, people who can combine the dots and come up with solutions and new ideas.

So how can you use this meeting theme to help your team become visionaries?


Hold meetings that inspire people.

For example:

  • Talks on how to become a visionary.
  • Workshops on visionary thinking.
  • Group exercises or brainstorming sessions.

As you can see, your meeting can be more of an event, like a talk. Or, you can use simple exercises in your normal meetings.

The idea is to help your co-workers develop that visionary muscle.


Meeting Theme #9: Overcoming Obstacles

fun meeting themes

This meeting theme is all about overcoming obstacles and challenges.

And it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss and solve your organization’s most pressing problems.

How? Here are a few examples of what your meeting can look like:

  • A hackathon.
  • Problem-solving in a group setting.
  • Brainstorming sessions.
  • Daily ‘huddles’ where your team gathers to discuss problems so that you can respond quickly to them.
  • Include an agenda item to weekly or monthly team meetings where anyone can bring up a challenge they’re facing.

How do other companies use this?

For example, Pixar has a “Notes Day” to share and think about the company’s biggest issues. And with hackathons, you can help any department (not just technical departments) get to the core of an issue.


Meeting Theme #10: Innovation


Innovative meetings.

What do these types of meetings include?

This theme is all about helping your team be creative, solve problems, and come up with new ideas. This meeting theme can include many types of meetings- the main idea is to create room for innovative thinking.

Examples of this type of meeting could be…

  • Setting up a brainstorming session.
  • A workshop or training on how to be more innovative.
  • A motivational speaker to inspire innovative thinking.
  • Internal talks or conferences.
  • Internal “startup days” where teams or individuals present new ideas.

For example, Johnson & Johnson organizes internal TED talk-like events to help team members share ideas. Many of Google’s products are the results of individual ideas within the company.


How to Use These Fun Meeting Themes for Better Meetings

fun meeting themes

There you have it- these are our 10 best meeting themes.

Ready to use them in your meetings?

After all, they could instantly make your meetings more engaging, clearer, and (let’s face it) much more fun.

Just one more step to go:

Pick one of these meeting themes and apply it to your next meeting.

Let me know:

What’s your favorite meeting theme and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.