Ever wondered how you can make your meetings work a bit better?

After all, you lose around 31 hours a month on unproductive meetings. Making meetings less time-consuming is a big deal. Fortunately, meeting equipment can be a great help for optimizing your meetings.

In this post, we’ll look at exactly which tools and equipment you should use for your meetings. We’ll look at ways in which you can improve your meeting room and get more done in less time.

Let’s dive right in.


Meeting tools

Meeting tools are a must if you want to run a successful meeting. They help you plan, prepare and execute your meeting without the hassle you might normally experience when organizing a meeting.

We’ve listed some of our favorites tools, which you can use to optimize your meetings:


Need to schedule a meeting? We all know what a difficult task that can be! Scheduling a meeting almost always means back-and-forth emailing to find a time that works for everyone. Luckily, you don’t need to do that anymore. With Invite, you simply suggest times for your meeting and your co-workers choose one. Easy as that!


It goes without saying that our tool, Minute, is one of our favorite tools. After all, we created it because we realized just how unproductive meetings can be. Minute helps you collaboratively create an agenda for your meeting, capture what you discussed during the meeting and keep you updated on meeting documents. It’s all about helping you make every meeting effective.


During meetings, you and your team need to come up with ways to get your creative juices flowing. And what better way is there to do so than to use mind maps? MindMeister is an online mind mapping tool that helps you capture, create and develop ideas visually.


If you need even more freedom to collaborate during a meeting, Twiddla offers an interesting service. It’s a virtual whiteboard and with the software, you can mark online material and browse the web as you hold your meeting.

E.gg Timer

Meetings can easily take up too much time, which makes employees unhappy and less productive. The next time you meet with your team, use an egg clock to set a time limit for your meeting. After that time is up, your meeting is over. E.gg Timer is an online egg clock you can use as a countdown timer.


Meeting room

meeting equipment

It doesn’t come as a surprise: Your work environment has a huge impact on your work productivity. In the same way, meeting rooms affect meeting productivity. Things like temperature and light might make or break your meetings.

Here’s what you need to think about in order to create a productive meeting environment:


Temperature has a major impact on your work environment.

According to a study by Cornell University, employees are more prone to making mistakes if the temperature is lower than the optimal room temperature, which is around 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


Turns out that we use energy to keep warm. Consequently, we have less energy to keep focused and creative. To keep yourself and your team productive, opt to organize your meeting in a room that’s properly heated.


If possible, your meeting room should have windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Artificial light has been shown to make you sleepy and more stressed. For making the most of your meeting, you need to ensure that you and your co-workers meet in a room where you’re not just exposed to artificial light.


You’ve probably noticed that your energy levels drop when you’re too long in a room with bad air quality.  

No wonder: 

Indoor air quality has a massive impact on work productivity. To ensure it doesn’t impact your meeting, make sure your team meets in a room with fresh air.  

For example, open windows to ventilate the room before your meeting. If your office doesn’t have a meeting room with windows, you could even meet outdoors.


Meeting equipment



Last but not least, your meeting should have the right equipment to ensure that every meeting is as effective as possible. This includes drinks and snacks, office supplies and furniture.

Drinks and snacks

Whereas they can seem like nice-to-haves, drinks and snacks make a big difference for your work performance.


First, we all need water every day, so it goes without saying that you need water when you work. Water can increase your productivity by up to 14%. If there’s one thing you need in the meeting room, water might be it.


Coffee, again, is the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug. It does have benefits for your productivity and could boost your performance during meetings.


Healthy snacks are key to keeping your glucose levels balanced. Glucose keeps you awake and alert – just what you need during a meeting. Snacks such as fruits, vegetables, berries, and nuts keep you focused and engaged.

This goes to show that drinks and snacks have a big impact on how well you perform during the work day. Consider having some refreshments, drinks and snacks available for your meeting participants. This way, your co-workers have a much easier time to concentrate and up their performance during the meeting.

Office supplies

Every interruption to your meeting means you’re wasting time.

To ensure that your meeting flows without disruptions, you should make sure that you have all the office supplies you need before your meeting.

Use this checklist to ensure that you have the most important meeting supplies in the meeting room:

  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Screens
  • Mouse
  • Microphone
  • Laser pointers

Office furniture


If you have the possibility to do so, you should design your meeting space in a way that enhances productivity. For example, adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and rounded tables help you do just that.

Adjustable desks

Did you know that standing meetings keep meeting participants more engaged?

At the same time, your meeting might require that you use desks to keep meeting material easy at hand.

The solution?

Use adjustable desks that can be adjusted to any height. That way, your team can modify desks according to their needs. You can have standing meetings when you need and adjust the desks according to your needs.

Ergonomic chairs

Sitting is really bad for your health and productivity.

So when you have to sit down for longer periods of time – for example during meetings – you should minimize the health hazards.

Fortunately, you can easily do this by using ergonomic chairs. Use a chair that supports your back, enables you to keep your feet flat on the floor and makes it easy for you to keep your elbows bent 90 degrees.

Rounded furniture

Interestingly, most of us prefer curved and rounded tables to tables that are sharp and straight-edged.

Why does this matter for your meeting room?

Rounded tables have been linked with positive emotions. And this, again, is beneficial for you and your team’s productivity and creativity.

Sitting in circles

The way you arrange your meeting furniture matters:

We get a collective mindset from sitting in circles. Sitting in lines makes us feel more individualistic. Teamwork is all about working together, which means that you might want to organize your tables in circles to optimize that feeling of working together as a group.


Color psychology is a thing in meeting rooms.

Green and blue are linked with enhanced performance when it comes to tasks that require you to generate new ideas. Red, on the other hand, improves performance when it comes to tasks that involve attention to detail. Meetings are all about collaboration. Subsequently, blue and green might be just the right colors for your meeting room.



We’ve now looked at meeting equipment you can use to optimize your meetings. Remember: meetings are costly, so investing in tools, the right work environment, and equipment is worth it. After all, when your employees feel fulfilled, happy and productive, your company thrives.

Now I would love to know:

What meeting equipment are you already using? Have you figured out how to enhance your meeting environment? Leave a comment below and let me know!