Minute’s New Features: Beta Testing New Design and Features

Do you use our web version? Then, you might already have noticed that you can opt to use a new beta version on your meeting dashboard. With this beta test, we’re implementing several new features. For you IOS users out there, don’t worry – an IOS beta version is coming soon.

Below, we explain what this beta test will do for you and the new features we’ve launched.


What are we testing with this beta version?

Being part of this beta test means you’ll have access to new updates before anyone else. With our beta test, we’re rolling out a brand new, upgraded design for your meetings and improvements to the interface.

Plus, there are several new features. These include:


Adding meeting participants to meetings by name


Before, you sent email invites to participants. We all know how crowded your email inbox can get, so we eliminated this feature. Instead, you now add meeting participants by name.


Downloading your task and decision overview to Excel

Exporting your meeting tasks and decisions just got easier- simply download them to Excel.


Re-ordering sub-agenda items

Up until now, you’ve been able to re-order your main agenda items by dragging and dropping them. To make your meeting planning as frictionless as possible, we’ve enabled you to do the same with your sub-agenda items.


To be launched soon: Add tags to meetings

Organizing your meetings will soon be a breeze. Our upcoming feature lets you add tags to your meetings, which makes it easier to search your meeting archives.

As this is a beta test and we’re still working on these features, everything won’t be perfect and you might experience some glitches. But with your help, we can make Minute as beautiful and simple to use as possible. That’s the goal with this test!

Don’t want to use the Minute beta version right now? You can switch from the beta to the normal web version at any time until we roll out the new web version to all users.


What are we working on?

Good news, Android users! We’re working on our Minute Android app and we’ll progressively open a private beta test. Check back soon for more updates!

We want to make Minute the best meeting tool for you and we appreciate your feedback. Let us know: How can we improve Minute to meet your goals? What features are we missing?

Write in the comments below or email me. I read every reply!

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