Privacy Policy


We take your privacy very seriously and will only process your data legally, i.e. in accordance with strict European privacy laws, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When you use our Service or website, like most service providers, we will process some of your data. What we won’t do is sell or rent your personal data to anyone else so they could contact you directly.

This Privacy Policy sets out what data we collect and what we do with it. It also forms a part of the Terms of Use which make up the Agreement between you and us for the use of the website and the Service. By using the website or the Service you consent to our using your data as set out in this Policy.

We may amend this Privacy Policy by posting a new version on the website and/or notifying you in some other way. If you do not agree with any amendment, you can cancel your Agreement with us or stop using the software and Service as set out in the Terms of Use.

We are Decos Minute BV of Huygensstraat 30, 2201DK, Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and are responsible for the handling of your data.

1.    What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data (data which relates to you specifically and could be used to identify you) when you interact with us. The principal ways we do this are:

Minute collects and processes these types of information:

  • registration and contact details (e.g., username, email address);
  • profile information which you can decide whether or not to provide (e.g., your age, business, education, or where you are located);
  • payment data e.g., your credit or debit card and billing address etc. if you purchase something from us, for the purposes of processing that purchase,
  • if you use the Service to send a communication to another person, that person’s email address or other contact data;
  • contacts of business contacts/other users that you provide to us;
  • network and technical data (IP addresses, network operator, Device operating system, cookies, etc.);
  • anonymous data on the approximate location of your device (e.g., from the cell ID data of your mobile network or GPS services), however, you are reminded that you have the ability to switch off this function from your device;
  • questionnaires or survey results and information regarding use of the Service;
  • information contained in meeting agendas or minutes created, stored or posted using the Service.

2.    How do we process personal data?

The basic reasons we use and hold your personal data are to communicate with you about and manage the Service. We will do this:

  • to identify you as a user and give you access to the Service;
  • to enable you to create, access and manage a personal account or dedicated space for your use with the Service;
  • to enable you to use the Service to work with other users;
  • to enable communications you send or that are sent to you to reach their destination;
  • to enable you to receive communications from other users;
  • to collect payment for Premium Services;
  • to provide you with information you have requested (e.g., meeting invitations or notifications, a newsletter, answers to specific questions);
  • to follow up any complaints you make e.g., about other users or misuse of content;
  • to communicate changes and updates relating to the Service, our terms and conditions or other information relating to use of the website and the Service;
  • to inform you of surveys, special offers or other promotions that we are running;
  • to let you know how we are managing your use of the Service (e.g., confirming activation of your registration, informing you of complaints made or decisions we have taken, letting you know that your account has been dormant for some time).

3.    How do we collect and use other, non-personal data?

We are allowed to process statistical data which isn’t related to individual users. We use this e.g. to analyze and write about trends in meetings.

We also record other non-personal data (technical information from your computer) which you agree to us doing by registering for and using the Service. When you use the Service or website, our servers may automatically record information from your device, any search data that you enter, your device and ISP’s IP addresses, your browser and operating system type, version and language, which pages you navigate to on the website, the amount of time spent on particular screens or pages, the clicks or touches you make, the date and time, and cookies in your browser.

This type of data processing is used to (i) manage, track usage and improve the Service; (ii) remember you and store your preferences so that you do not have to re-enter information during your visit or the next time you visit the website or use the Service; (iii) provide tailored or personalized content,  information and advertising; (iv) analyze the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns; (v) gather data such as total number of users, which pages they viewed, etc. that help us provide and improve the Service; and (vi) keep track of your entries into surveys or promotions.

This non-personal data may be shared with third parties in order to provide a more relevant Service and advertisements, but they will not be able to contact you directly using it. Please note that it is possible that we may allow third party advertisers to set and access their cookies or web beacons on your computer, and although we try to encourage all our advertisers to comply with good personal data processing practices, those cookies and web beacons are not covered by this Privacy Policy and you should review the privacy policies of these advertisers.

If the Service, any content or an advert contains links to other websites, remember that we have no control over these websites and can’t be held responsible for the way they may use any data that they may collect from you. Bear in mind that their privacy policies may not be as protective as this one or they may be located somewhere where the laws are less strict.

4.     Do we disclose personal data to other people?

We don’t sell or rent your personal data to anyone.  The data you provide is stored on our servers (or those of our providers as referred to below) and can only be accessed by other businesses in our group providing our Service internationally, outside of your home country.

Occasionally, we may use professional data processing companies to assist us in processing your personal information. This is done under agreements with us to ensure compliance with all applicable data protection laws and security measures and our instructions and which do not permit use of your data for any purpose other than such processing.

We may need to provide certain data to third parties for legal reasons (e.g., when a crime or a breach of security or of our legal rights is suspected or if we are requested to do so by the authorities). If sometime in the future our business was transferred to another company then your information would also be transferred to them.

5.    Can you access and correct your personal data? 

You can access your data at any time if you sign into your account. Please correct any personal data that are misspelt or out of date as soon as you can. You can ask us to delete your personal data and we will do so as soon as we can – unless for legal reasons we need to keep it for additional time.

You can also use your account settings to opt in or out of receiving certain communications from us, though that means you may not receive certain potentially useful information regarding the Service. Remember that you can’t refuse to receive communications within the app, such as advertising, except in accordance with certain conditions (e.g., where we offer an upgrade in order to eliminate advertisements).

As the profile page is so important, you need to ensure that your account details are kept secret so we can be as sure as we can be that only you can amend your personal data.

6.    How do we keep your personal data secure?

Your personal data is password-protected in order to prevent anyone else using your account or changing your data. We use carefully chosen technical and physical security measures to protect personal data stored in our databases, and only give our staff access to it if and when this is necessary for them to do their job. Although we use our best efforts we can’t be responsible for any unauthorized access to or use of data, any hardware or software failure or any other factor that compromises the security of your data.

Remember that we may remove unsuitable or illegal material at any time from your account or other communications in accordance with the Terms of Use.

7.     How long do we keep your personal information?

We will keep your information for as long as is necessary to carry out any of the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and comply with applicable legislation, and any applicable orders of regulatory bodies or courts.

8.    Contacting us

If you have any questions about how we manage personal data, please send us an email to: