Want to supercharge your time management… But not sure how?

Here are 9 simple work productivity hacks you can use today to 10x your time management.

Ready to learn all about? Let’s dive right in.


1. Work From Home (Yes, to Increase Your Productivity)

Think working from home is a productivity killer?

Think again.

A trial by Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom shows that employees who work from home are more productive than those working at the office.

In fact, Bloom found that people who work from home increased their productivity by 13.5%, held shorter breaks, had fewer sick days, and took less time off.

The downside? They felt more isolated than people at the office. That’s why Bloom recommends employees to work from home 1-2 days a week.

So to increase your productivity, start working from home.

Don’t have a work-from-home policy? Present this study to your boss.

After all, who doesn’t want more productive employees?

Next up:

Identify tasks that take up too much time.


2. Identify Tasks That Take Up Too Much Time


Here’s the thing:

You’re probably using more time than you need to on tasks.

You see, work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

If you let a task take two hours, it will take two hours. Even when you would, in fact, only need an hour.

So track your time to see how much time each task takes up.

You can manually track the hours you use on every task. Or, use an online time tracker like RescueTime.

That way, you can see how much time each task takes up and then, use this information to optimize your schedule.

How? Allocate less time to each task to see if you get them done faster.

That way, you eventually save time on every task.


Schedule your tasks… The right way.


3. Schedule All Your Tasks (The Right Way)

So, how do you keep productive in your everyday life?


Use a calendar to schedule all your tasks.

That way you always know what to do next. No valuable time is used on deciding on the next task.

But, here’s the thing:

Instead of seeing your schedule as a flexible plan, stick to it.

So, if you have scheduled an hour for a task, use that hour and no more.

This way, you use your schedule consistently and build up a habit.

If you’re unsure how much time a task will take up, schedule in some extra time, measure how much time you use on it, and adjust for next time.

Once you have your schedule in place and you’re using it consistently?

You’ll be surprised at how much you get done.

What’s next? One of the most effective work productivity hacks.

Let’s dive right in.


4. Set Up a System to Prioritize Your Tasks

Here’s the thing:

When you work on your to-do’s, you want to make sure that you’re working on the RIGHT things.

Otherwise, you’re busy… But you’re not necessarily working on the things that produce results.

What can you do?


Set up a system that helps you prioritize the right tasks.


Think through- which of your tasks are things that give the most return on your time investment?

For example:

If you work in sales, your priority tasks are those that directly lead to more sales calls and opportunities.

The way you prioritize your tasks is to label every task as:

High priority and urgent, high priority and not urgent, low priority and urgent and low priority and not urgent.

The first two categories are priorities. The two latter are tasks you do once you’ve finished your other tasks.

See how this could make a huge difference not just on your productivity… But your results?

That’s right.

Moving on to hack #5:

Use your daily rhythm to your advantage.


5. Figure Out When You’re Most Productive


Did you know?

Your productivity depends on your daily rhythm.

So, you should organize your day according to your rhythm.


Are you a morning person? Someone who gets up early in the morning?

Do all your administrative work in the morning. Take a break in the afternoon and in the evening, you’re more creative.

The same applies to you if you get up at 7.30-8AM. But here, your daily rhythm is a few hours behind.

And if you’re someone who stays up late and sleeps in, you want to do all your focused work at 9PM in the evening. Your creative work should happen in the morning.

So want to maximize how productive you are each day? Plan your days according to how well your brain tackles your different tasks.

Now, planning your day is one thing…

But if you want to truly get the most out of your work, you need to make note of the next hack.


6. Have a Clear Goal (So You Know Where You’re Going)


Up until now, we’ve talked about hacks that make your day-to-day work more productive.

But to be truly productive by keeping motivated every day, you need to have a clear goal.

If you know where you’re going, your daily tasks will feel much easier.

And the best way to set a goal?

Sure, you want to have a long-term goal. Like a yearly or a 5-year goal.

But that’s not going to keep you motivated every day… Simply because your goal seems so far off.

Instead, set up a 3-month goal.

What do you want to accomplish in the next three months?

That’s the goal you want to set up for yourself.

With this goal in mind, you will quickly identify key tasks you need to undertake every day to achieve that goal.

Plus, you’ll feel more motivated to perform the work effectively with your near-future goal in mind.

That’s it for having goals… But how do you become a truly productive person?

Let’s find out.


7. Step Up as a Productive Person

So, how do you become a productive person? Someone who doesn’t have to solely rely on work productivity hacks, but is productive every day- no matter what.

Good question.

And there’s a simple answer:

Train your mind to become productive.

What do I mean by that?

Well, what separates the best athletes from the rest comes down to a few things. One of them is that they focus on their mindset.

For example:

In 2008, Michael Phelps set a world record at the Beijing Summer Olympics. He did it with his goggles filled with water.


Thanks to the power of visualization. He had relentlessly visualized his performance and so the fact that he had to swim blind didn’t make any difference to his performance.

This goes to show that your emotions and mind play a big role in your performance.

To be your most productive self, build visualization habits that help you visualize your goal.

Also, work on becoming more resilient, so that no setbacks can ruin your day.

How? Train yourself to become more mindful.

But there’s a simple trick that could potentially save you hours.

What is it?

Learn to say no.


8. Learn to Say No (Without Feeling Bad)



You know how distracting it can be when your co-workers interrupt you with questions or emails.

In fact, the average office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes.

And it takes about 25 minutes to get back on track after an interruption.

So chances are you would be more productive without those distractions.


Learn to say no in the right way.

Now, saying no is a skill you can develop.

And you can do it in a way that doesn’t offend anyone.

Here’s how:

  • Answer right away so that the other person can look for help or resources elsewhere.
  • Explain why you’re saying no (briefly).
  • To add that final touch to your “no”, add some other support. For example, refer them to someone else or send a helpful article.

And that way, you make sure you keep your schedule clear of any unnecessary distractions.


9. The Meeting Hack

As a meeting productivity tool, we have to include a meeting hack, no?

We do. In fact, meetings are often one of the most unproductive parts on any organization.

So what’s our meeting hack?

Here goes:

Use the Two Pizza Rule.

Only invite as many people as you would need to share a pizza.

That’s something Jeff Bezos does at Amazon’s meetings.

And it’s a great way to ensure that your meeting is kept small and effective.


How Are You Going to Use These Work Productivity Hacks?


There you have it- these are our best work productivity tips at work.


It’s time to implement what you’ve learned.

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